How to Make Bacon Flavored Lip Balm🥓

Make Bacon Lip Balm

Most of us like bacon. In this article, I will guide you on how you can make your own Bacon Flavored Lip Balm With this easy recipe will have your lips tasting like bacon in no time. How To Make Bacon Lip Balm To make this bacon lip balm you … Click To Read More

What Is Slab Bacon? 🐖

What is Slab Bacon? Slab bacon is a piece of smoked cured side bacon that is not sliced. Slab Bacon actually comes from the pork belly with long layers of the fatty part which runs parallel to the hardtop layer known as the rind. Slab bacon is a common type … Click To Read More

What is Gypsy Bacon or Hungarian Smoked Bacon

Gypsy bacon is well known since it is an old-fashioned type of bacon that has been there for so many years. The gypsy community world-wide has prepared it over the years using paprika and garlic making it irresistible to eat. What is Gypsy Bacon Gypsy Bacon is cured bacon with … Click To Read More

Beef Bacon – What is beef bacon?

What is Beef Bacon – Explained Beef Bacon, sounds weird to say. Bacon comes from pigs and there has never really been any reason to question that, before now. In the beginning, you were only able to get Beef Bacon from Halal Butchers but now it is slowly getting onto … Click To Read More

Where does Danish Bacon Come From? 🇩🇰

The short answer is Denmark, But then you will ask where is Denmark. Well, below I have compiled a bit of information for you about this small European Country. What do you exactly understand by Danish Bacon? This is a cured meat from pigs which are raised in Denmark. It … Click To Read More

30+ Bacon Jokes

Most people love Bacon and Jokes so… An obvious thing to have on this site is off course a big collection of Bacon Jokes. DISCLAIMER: To begin with i have to say that ALL the jokes your read shuld be considered as humor/satire so you understand that they are not … Click To Read More